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Land For Lajee – Documentary Film

This 20 minute documentary was a spur of the moment initiative that materialized during my first visit to Palestine. It was created in support of a local fundraising project to buy community land for Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, occupied Palestinian territories. For more information about the project visit the Lajee Center.

The film has been screened at fundraising events in the United Kingdom and the United States and was selected to participate in the  Culture Unplugged: Humanity Explored Film Festival, 2010. Watch the film

  • Credits:
  • Concept/Direction – Sanne Winderickx
  • Producer/Cameraman/Editor – Sanne Winderickx
  • Additional Cameraman – Maren Rosenberg

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Stranger: Documentary Video & Sound Installation

This project was a true filmmaking adventure. It was a social experiment as much as it was a visually creative one. With a photocopied map of Brighton in our hands and the word Stranger written across it in red, we followed the curves and turnings of the letters on a mission to experience and document the alternative route across Brighton.

The result is this 3 part video and sound installation, that was inspired by Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and the experimental City Symphony films of the Avant Guarde, such as Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera and Walter Ruttmann’s Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis. The installation has been exibited at the Burt Brill & Cardens Exhibition, Brighton, 2006.

  • Credits:
  • Concept/Direction – Janna Lundius
  • Director of Photography/Cameraman/Editor – Sanne Winderickx
  • Animation – Jana Sandoval

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Soup For Thought – Documentary Film

This 9 minute documentary was featured at the The Brighton Documentary Film Festival, in November 2005 and screened at the Duke of York Theater, Brighton. See the Festival Programme.

Synopsis On a cold winter night on Brighton seafront, we get a glimpse of the work of the Soup Run volunteers.

  • Credits:
  • Producers – Nik Karlsson, Yosuf Misdaq, Sanne Winderickx
  • Cameraman/Editors – Nik Karlsson, Yosuf Misdaq, Sanne Winderickx

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Pete – Documentary Film

This short film was featured at the Final Cut Short Film Screenings, Hanbury Ballrooms, Brighton, 2003 and broadcast on 3BTV.

Synopsis Pete is known by all who use the Falmer train station as a cheerful, funny Big Issue seller. This 6 minute character documentary tells his story. Watch film

  • Credits
  • Producers –  Basmah Fahim, Melanie Bines, Sanne Winderickx
  • Cameraman/Editors – Basmah Fahim, Melanie Bines, Sanne Winderickx

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Sombre Holiday under Occupation – Electronic Intifada

This photostory was originally published by Electronic Intifada in November 2010.

Synopsis The holiday of Eid al-Ahda — the Feast of the Sacrifice — is celebrated by Muslims across the world to commemorate the prophet Abraham’s sacrifice of a sheep in the place of his son Ishmael. Palestine is no different than most countries where the holiday is observed, but with one notable exception: the Israeli occupation. See full story.

It has also been published by Mondoweiss, Jewish Voice For Peace, TRCB News, Peace and Collaborative Development Network, DProgram Countering Propaganda, Al Qassam English.

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Disappearing Kiribati – IFAD/UN Radio

This 6 minute radio documentary was produced for the International Fund for Agricultural Development and broadcast by United Nations Radio in February 2010. Listen to radio story.

Synopsis Kiribati, a Pacific Island nation located halfway between Hawaii and Australia, is facing a dire dilemma. Scientists predict that within the next 50 years, the small island developing nation will have disappeared, covered by rising seas, yet another victim of climate change.Full transcript.

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Women Create Food Security in Eritrea – IFAD/ UN Radio

This 6 minute radio documentary was produced for the International Fund for Agricultural Development and broadcast by United Nations Radio in January 2009. Listen to radio story.

Synopsis Nearly 40 years ago, the women of Eritrea fought on the front lines of their country’s war of independence and became pioneers in the African women’s liberation movement. Since the war ended in 1991, new laws have been passed granting Eritrean women the right to vote, own land and work in any job they choose. But in rural communities, women’s liberation is a war still being fought – except now volatile global food prices are bringing attention to the biases and burdens women endure and the critical role they play in ensuring Eritrea’s food security. Full transcript.

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Roma: Contro l’Aggressione di Gaza – Peace Reporter

This photostory was produced for PeaceReporter in January 2009. Full Story.